Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Update - Growing in the Snow Queen's Garden

Autumn is making herself felt, turing the leaves all manner of colours, dusting the mountain with snow and making it just that little bit nicer to snuggle under the doona.

Inspiration is all around me... from swirls in clouds, to the bird warbling on the fence - displeased with the rain silvering his back. So much to stitch! Add to that the Super Moon from several weeks ago and my head becomes crowded with images, like this one. The birch in my back garden becomes the inspiration for the little Babushka below..... with dandelions at the base blowing wishes into the night, like stars.....

or something soft to wear,
capturing the colours all around, the brich tree in the backgarden, liquid amber trees I pass each day, and an early morning with the hint of frost on the ground.

All these goodies are currently in the
waiting for a good home.

Now it's time to try and catch up on all the orders. Not sure I am makigaining ground on them, but head down and stitch rather than play on the internet. It is oh so tempting. Perhaps an early night might be in order. *Yawn* Maybe just one more stitch.


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  1. Autumn is a beautiful season in Hobart, there's so many stunning scenes. Though it's almost winter! How did that happen?
    The goodies in your store are beautiful, I was looking at them yesterday. How you create so many detailed bit I just don't know. You just don't sleep, do you? :) xx