Monday, 11 June 2012

Moods of the Tree

The days are becoming shorter and it's getting harder to get out of bed in the mornings. Could it just be the doona feels a little extra snuggly on those days when the temperature is in low single digits? Does cold weather slow down the blink response on my eyelids? Honestly, think it does make them heavier and harder to open. Thank goodness for the lure of coffee. Hmmmm. Not sure to drink it, or warm my toes up in it.

Each year the family vows, 'we will install a wood heater this year'. And somehow another year has rolled around and there is the early morning struggle for prime position in front of the old wall mounted blow heater. Suprisingly, the dog usually wins. Oh well, exercise is good for warming up right? *SIGH* Maybe next year.

Time to make ready for the next market - 8th July "the market", Masonic Hall Sandy Bay Rd.
Have a hold load of new products dreamt up in my head. Now to turn them all into felt and stitches. Think I will certainly need to add the next chapter in the life cycle of the birch trees..... here are some of their moods over the last few weeks


Teary                                                                     Cheerful

Who would have thought the wattle birds would love to visit when the tree was bare of leaves.  Perhaps they came to collect the seeds, but it was wonderful to have the native birds in my garden. The design for the next doll is in my head.... I can see it. Just need to convince my hands now!

Warm, winter fuzzies to all

SQ x

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  1. Hi Natasha, You simply must get that wood heater happening. I would tell you that ours is on low but it's a balmy 25 degress in here at the moment. Do yourselves the favour :)
    I'll have to try to drop in to the market to say hi - I haven't seen you for a while. I'm sure your creations will be amazing x