Sunday, 29 April 2012

Matryoshkas and Mothers

Not sure how it got to be the end of April. Only about 2 months behind on the businesss plan and product release timetable... and 5 months behind on custom orders. Never seem to be enough hours in the day. Thank goodess for coffee.

Somehow the bustle of Easter turned into the mad rush to be ready for the first market of the year. It is deeply touching how many familiar faces turn up, smiling and supportive. Spurs me on to more creative heights. Now, stitching like mad to be ready for the first trip up north to The Apron Market, Seaport. Not sure how the northern crowd will react to my humble offerings.... have to wait and see.

Just say, 'break an leg" and not tempt fate.... please

These little lady pendants will be heading up. Had to sew their tiny faces with a beading needle to get the detail right. NOT recommended at 2am. Threading is such a .. challenge.

The Matryoshka above is a free standing art doll, heading north too. Not taking orders for Mother's Day, unless you are hoping for a 2013 delivery. Sorry.

Due to such high demand locally, the etsy store is on hold for the next two weeks. Will Facebook and blog as soon as there are some more goodies available. Nice to be busy.

For now, I am back to the stitching.


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