Monday, 9 April 2012

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Hmmm. Starting to suspect I might be more suited to Facebook, than blogging..... I kind of like saying as much as possible in as few words. Like internet Haiku. Many years ago, when I fancied myself as a writer - somewhere between being captain of a starship and a vet, my grandmother said, 'imagine you have to pay for every word you write and choose wisely'. For now I shall stick to the stitching. There's enough ideas in my head to keep me going for a little while to come.

Must be all the solar flare activity, because I keep seeing the world around me in whole new ways. Suddenly it makes perfect sense to turn that raindrop into a piece of embroidery, or the clouds part at the right moment to reveal a perfect moon that seems to be weeping silver tears. Dandelions in the lawn are no longer weeds, but chime the last hours of summer that has been .

           There is such loveliness all around us, can we find a moment to stop and treasure it?
                                                               Wish more wishes

                                                      Be in the right place at the right time

Imagine to create whimsy,

And when all is said and done, maybe catch some sleep!

Getting ready for the first market of the year, 2 April... so perhaps not just

SQ x

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