Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting Woolley

Thank goodness for a warm day this week and a chance to wash some more wool. It starts off as the picture on the left, washed in tank water, dried, then carded.. to generally end up looking like the picture on the right. Because I use tank water, my little dog loves helping. Nothing better than chasing the water out of the tank hose and rolling in all the stinky stuff coming off the fleece. Means the house smells of wet wool and wet dog. What a great combination!

Raw Fleece from local sheep
Washed and carded fleece

Haven't convinced the children that helping is  a great way to spend quality time with me... didn't even work when I offered bonus pocket money. But it does mean I have loads more fleece ready to create more of these..

HeartFelt Pendants
NeedleFelt Hedgehogs

Preparing loads of needlefelt and hand embroidered pendants in a rainbow of colour combinations and a woodland of hedgehogs for the etsy store. Now, if I can just give up the sleep....
SQ x

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