Saturday, 14 January 2012

Busy in the Garden

So much to do! Not just stitches in the Snow Queen's Garden to make, but goodies in the garden to dig and eat, and weed and water, and fertilise and talk to... while I am busy finishing all those UFO's lying around (now up to 5 crimson owls, 2 tree brooches, 1 baby baushka... 6 grey owls ... nearly), there are yummy potatoes to dig up.

Ended up with 8 kg of Kennebec..... just waiting on the rest, Nicola's Caranberry Reds, King Edward, Dutch Cream, Tasman, Pink Eyes. Who knew there could be so many varieties?

                       And then there are the onions. Really pleased with this one. It looks so - oniony

Welcome to all you lovely folk who have just joined, possibly the slowest, blog. There will be some lovelies coming out soon. If you could see the state of my work desk, bits of felt, owls, birds.... a new girl, with a new face you have NEVER seen before.... Mandy - hooks on the way soon. Just found the wire I need, under a pile of felt, Sarah thanks for the lovely recent blog. Thank you Ms Tiff for the comment.  And sweet dreams to you all.  SQ x

1 comment:

  1. What handsome looking veg Natasha! I get excited by a good harvest. I'm not sure what potatoes I have in but it's not as many as you.
    I look forward to seeing the UFO's! X