Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jingling Away in the Garden

It's always tricky at the start of each year planning for the next 12 months ahead. Not only is there the challenge of new designs to create, but deciding which markets best fit around family life, and all it entails. Whatever happens, it always seems that my ambitions outweigh my abilities. Let's be honest... or more to the point, be honest with myself, there are only so many hours in the day to handcut, handstitch and make these little goodies. But sometimes, the ideas flow faster than leaves on water and it's all I can do to stand in the middle of the torrent and grab one or two.

Here are a few ideas I managed to catch and turn into goodies,

Glee Girls

Hedgehog Hurrah,
returning to the orginal idea behind designs in The Snow Queen's Garden... being tough enough for small hands to help decorate a tree, while still being one of a kind.

And this is where they'll be, along with a few more pieces....maybe..... hopefully... And the little brooch/pendant in the flyer should also be there too ( oh, and me...). Please, please come along if you're able. It's the first time the Snow Queen and I are doing this market..... gulp.
Back to the stitching.Warm fuzzies to you all

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  1. I'll be there! I really like that market and it will be nice to see you Natasha :)
    Ps lovely goodies as always